Blooket Astronaut Colors

Blooket Astronaut Colors

You may be wondering if there are different Blooket astronaut colors. The answer is yes. Here are some examples of the various colors. You may also be interested in learning about the black astronaut, cyan astronaut, and pink astronaut. These are just a few of the many Blooket astronauts you can choose from.

In Blooket, you can collect Blooks (a virtual avatar) by completing different games, spending in-game tokens on Blook boxes, and playing games. Every Blook has a rating, and some are more valuable than others. The Astronaut is considered a Legendary Blook, and it has a 0.45% drop rate when you spend tokens. Blooket Astronaut colors are also important because they are based on the astronauts’ qualities.

How many colored astronauts are there in Blooket?

Astronauts come in a variety of colors in Blooket. You can get a Legendary Blook by winning events and finding them in the Market. However, there is no way to obtain the Purple and Blue Astronauts yet, so you may be wondering how to get them. These blooks are called Chromas, which comes from the Greek word for color. As of now, they can only be obtained on alternate days.

The Cyan Astronaut is one of the rarest Astronauts in the game. This Blook cannot be obtained by default, and you must play in the PAC mode to receive it. The Cyan Astronaut and the White Peacock are the two most expensive Astronaut Blooks, and they’re the only ones that change color. In addition to the Astronaut, you can also find the Aquatic Blook, which is a jellyfish, blobfish, and octopus.

Black Astronaut

The black Astronaut is the most common Blook, but other colors are also available in this series. In addition to the black Astronaut, there is also the purple Astronaut, the green Astronaut, and the blue Astronaut. Each of these blooks has a different rarity and sell price. In addition to these, there are also the white Peacock and the Tiger Zebra Blooks. These blooks are only available through special events.

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Cyan astronaut

The Cyan Astronaut is a unique and colored Blook that is awarded to top 10 finishers of the Pokemon Are Cool (PAC) Event. It is rare and cannot be obtained by default. This Blook is one of only two Astronaut Blooks that are available. This Blook does not appear in any games but is available as a reward.

Pink Astronaut

Pink Astronaut is a Chroma blook and can be unlocked through the Space Box. It has a 0.05% drop rate and can be sold for 300 tokens. Pink Astronaut is a recolor of the original Astronaut. It can only be obtained from the Space Box on Mondays. Before, the team name of the Pink Astronaut was Pink Kinda Sus, but now it is Pink Crewmates.

Red Astronaut

The colors of an astronaut are red and blue. These two blooks are rare and only earned by winning certain events. Other rare blooks include the Tiger Zebra and the White Peacock. These blooks are available in different combinations and are often awarded to the top teams.

There are several ways to earn an Astronaut. You can either complete games to unlock it or spend in-game tokens to open it. A rarer variant of the Astronaut, a red version, is available for only 0.5% of the total number of tokens you have earned. This Blook can be traded for 300 in-game tokens.

Green Astronaut

In Blooket, the colors green and blue are often associated with astronauts. While this may not be true in real life, it is a common color in the game. For example, the green astronaut would be known as a “Green Astronaut.” The green color is an example of a chroma blook, a blook that changes shades of green and blue. However, the colors of an astronaut can vary based on which color they’re wearing.

Rainbow Astronaut

The Blooket Rainbow Astronaut is a Mystical Rarity Blook. Only winners of certain events can acquire this Blook. It’s similar to the Tiger Zebra or White Peacock blooks but in a different color scheme. Its red body changes colors every time it rotates. The Rainbow Astronaut’s colors are determined by wavelengths ranging from red to purple.

The first Astronaut Blook was Cyan, which was released seven months before PAC. It was given to the top 10 players in the Pokemon Are Cool game event, but this Blook was only available to players who opted to get one. The Cyan Astronaut was also the first Astronaut Blook to receive a reward.

Yellow AstronauT

The Blooket astronaut’s colors are yellow, white, and red. In the game, these colors correspond to the different days of the week. The Astronaut is a reward type that grants 45K cash every three seconds. This type of Blook is only available to players who win events. The other two blooks are the Tiger Zebra and the White Peacock.

The Astronaut is one of the legendary blooks in the game but must be unlocked through a box. Currently, the Astronaut is locked in the Space Box. This means that the player only has a 0.45% chance of unlocking it. The Astronaut can then be sold for 200 blooket tokens. Some Chromas are available only on alternate days of the week.

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