Blooket Spooky Ghost

Blooket Spooky Ghost

Have you ever wondered “What is the Spooky Ghost in Blooket?” Then you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll talk about the Blooket Spooky Ghost, how you can get one, and how much it costs. Hopefully, this information will help you make an informed decision about getting one.

The Spooky Ghost is a Mystical Rarity Blook and can only be obtained by winning a Contest of Candy. This rare blook is extremely rare and will only appear on the character’s screen if the player is a contest winner.

How to get spooky ghost blooket?

Spooky Ghost is one of the rarest Blooks in the game. This mysterious blook is only present in Santa’s Workshop and is sold for 1,000 tokens. It is the second most difficult Blook to acquire. You can get it by winning the Contest of Candy.

This Legendary blook is recolored. It is given only to the 1st place winners of the Contest of Candy. The drop rate is 0.65%. If you have enough candy, you can trade it for the Spooky Ghost. You can also use it as a swap icon in Candy Quest.

The Spooky Ghost is a Mystical Rarity Blook. It is only available to people who win the Contest of Candy. It is a rare blook with a drop rate of 0.65%. It is also used as a swap icon in Candy Quest.

Is Spooky Ghost the rarest blook in Blooket?

It’s true that Spooky Ghost is one of the rarest blooks in Blooket. But it’s not the rarest one actually. Pizza Epic blook is considered to be the rarest in the game. It is available in blooket boxes, but the pizza one is rarer than all other Blooks.

The Cyan Astronaut is the second rarest blook in the game, but it requires a lot of dedication and grinding to get it. You can purchase a Bot Box for 20 tokens, which can help you with your quest to find Chromas. The Bot Box will also allow you to chat with other Blooket users, and you can encode an auto-answer bot for the bot to help you with your quests.

Despite the fact that Chroma Blook is rare, players should not panic. There is still a chance of getting it, but it’s extremely unlikely. Only about 0.02% of players will get it. Therefore, you must have a bit of luck.

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