Blooket Blooks - The Yellow Astronaut

Blooket Blooks – The Yellow Astronaut

The Yellow Astronaut is a rare Chroma blook and can only be found through the Space Box on Tuesdays. It has a drop rate of 0.05% and sells for 300 tokens. Another rare blook is the Baby Shark, which has a drop rate of 0.5%. It is the second rarest blook in the Aquatic Box, after the Megalodon.

The Yellow Astronaut is a Chroma blook in Blooket that can only be unlocked through the Space Box. You can only get it once per day, and it’s worth only 0.05% of your total tokens. You can also trade it for a Baby Shark for 300 tokens. This blook is the second most rare in the Aquatic Box, behind the Megalodon.

If you’re looking to collect a Blook, you’ll want to check out Blooket’s Blook rating system. Depending on the rarity, certain Blooks are easier to acquire than others. For instance, if you’re looking to get an Astronaut, you should make sure you spend the necessary tokens on the right type.

How rare is the orange Astronaut in Blooket?

The orange Astronaut has a 0.05% chance of being found in each box. It is only featured in the Space Box on Thursdays and cannot be obtained by default. It is not found in any other game modes. Its name is a reference to the video game Among Us. The orange color is reminiscent of the Astronaut, a popular character from the game.

To obtain an Astronaut, you must first unlock a space box. You can do this by spending in-game tokens. You can spend 0.15% of your tokens on opening a space box. A space box can contain two types of Blooks. One is orange and the other is red. Regardless of the color, each of the three types of Astronauts has their own rarity rating.

How do you get the golden Astronaut in Blooket?

If you have yet to try Blooket, you are probably wondering how to get the golden astronaut. This rare Blook is actually quite rare. However, you can increase your chance of getting one by spending in-game tokens on chances of opening a Space Box. Inside the box are amazing Blooks like a UFO and an Astronaut. The Astronaut can be equipped as a Blook and is worth 200 in-game tokens. Another variant is the Red Astronaut. The red astronaut has an even lower drop rate than the Astronaut, and has a 0.05% chance of dropping whenever you spend tokens.

How do you get the colored astronauts in Blooket?

The colored astronauts are blooks that are rare in Blooket. You can get them by buying them or by unlocking them through the Space Box. The chance to unlock one is 0.05% per day. You can also sell them for 200 blooket tokens. However, you can only get the blue and purple astronauts if you have a specific color in your collection.

To get the rainbow astronaut, you must win the Legendary Universal Never-before-Seen Championships of Hockey, which usually takes place in March every year. A team called “The Preeminent” won the LUNCH Event. The rainbow astronaut is red when in its original state, but it can change colors to change its appearance. The creators of Blooket are Tom Stewart and Ben Stewart.

What is the rarest color Astronaut in Blooket?

Blooket is an online collectible card game that is played by collecting blooks. These Blooks are avatars that you can get through different games and by spending in-game tokens on Blook boxes. Each Blook has a rarity rating and some are more rare than others. The Astronaut is one of the rarest blooks in the game. It has a small chance of dropping when you spend tokens on Blook boxes.

There are eleven colors of Astronaut Blooks available in Blooket. The Cyan Astronaut is one of the rarest. This blook changes color from blue to red and is given to the top club, “The Preeminent”. This blook is also a Mystical Rarity Blook. It is one of the two rarest Astronaut Blooks in the game. It can only be obtained after winning an event. This event is usually held in March every year.

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